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BlockadeBlockade is a noun, it means; 1. The isolating, closing off, or surrounding of a place, as a port, harbor, or city, by hostile ships or troops to prevent entrance or exit. 2. Any obstruction of passage or progress: We had difficulty in getting through the blockade of bodyguards. 3. Pathology. Interruption or inhibition of […]

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Woman Why are You Single? Woman #3 Empowering Yourself

Empowering Yourself Woman I met you while Victoria and I were waiting for our plane. You told me that you would like to have your man to love him and be happy with him for a long time together, but you also said that your man did not come for you. Don’t you see that […]

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Woman why are you single? Woman #4

Woman, we met at a convention and after the introductions you were very interested in the subject of my lecture. You also told me that you were a widow for several years and single since the death of your husband. When I asked you if there were any men trying to seduce you into a […]

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Broken love

Poema – La poesia me encontro

Y el tiempo vino En un día triste cuando, Mi corazón estaba en la miseria, Que la poesía me encontró. Mi Amor se había marchado, Y mi vida estaba vacía, Mi humor machucado. En ninguna parte de mi ser, Podía yo ver, conseguirme ser feliz o, Poder encontrar otro querer. Solo y distraído por mi […]

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Woman why are you single? – woman #2

Woman we met in a restaurant, you were the server at our table, a job you had part time to help you with your school. When I showed you my business card you got interested at my title of “Philosopher of Romance”, and when I told you that I can point women in the right […]

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Man is a Hunter – Part #2

There are always exceptions to the rules and in this case it provably also will be, but generally speaking, the woman with the horoscope sign that more likely gets more interest from men is the woman with her sign in Sagittarius. Why do I think so? 1. She is independent. 2. She is outspoken and […]

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Woman why are you single – Woman #1

Woman we met in one of my travels in the airplane towards Atlanta, I told you that I am a philosopher of romance and you told me that you just had finished your career studies and you had graduated with high honors. You also told me that you were in your early thirties and you […]

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How is love created

In previous articles I describe the creation of passion, what comes next is Love. Love is an emotion which is born out of passion. It is also passion who feeds it. Therefore passion comes first and love comes after. It is very important to distinguish this. This word (love) is probably the most over-used word […]

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Pray Correctly

Blog – Pray correctly The other day as Victoria and I were visiting Liberia in Costa Rica, for the purpose of evaluating the Hispanic population acceptance on my metaphysical writing, a thought came to my mind. It was one of those thoughts that sometimes come to me waiving its flags of certainty and truth. I […]

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Divorce – He made it happen

You are in divorce proceedings and you are in shock from the recent news of your husband leaving you. Now you have two choices, a) Being bitter and fighting your spouse through the lawyers to get even, or b) Separating yourself from him without adding any additional damage to your emotional department. If you choose […]

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